Bigger and Better!

This competition is geared towards first and second year business students in an effort to grow their skill sets and interest in the faculty, and we are very excited to be inviting students from all across Canada! The event will take place over three days. The event will start with delegate arrival and bonding. The entire event is jam-packed with educational sessions to help students’ prepare for the competition, and come up with some team strategies to go forward with. Students will compete in teams of 4 to deconstruct a case focused around the central theme of business strategy. Students will spend three hours deconstructing their cases, followed by a 15 minute presentation to the judges with a 5 minute question and answer. Later in the day, we will be hosting an awards gala to recognize the top three teams and give the local business community a chance to network with the future leaders of our community!

Interested in Sponsoring the Hill Case Competition?

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