• International Student Programs

Free Lunch & Learns

The Hill School of Business is proud to welcome the international students in our faculty. A section of the Hill BSS is devoted to organizing social and academic events for international business students. This year’s international coordinators are Osaid and Abigail. They are available to assist international students with their daily student life and direct them to the proper channels to receive help and answer inquiries. Whether that means finding a good study spot, learning who the best profs are, or even which events will help land you that summer job.

The International Coordinators are also in charge of hosting two types of events:

  1. Lunch N’ Learn: Join us once a month to learn how to apply useful tips and use tools that will assist you in your academic life and your career. Lunch is provided!

  2. Engage N’ Explore: Once a month the International Coordinators plan a social event in Regina to provide an opportunity for international students to experience the city. This event is little or no cost for students!

Join the Facebook group “Hill BSS International Students” in order to stay in the loop about future events, contact Osaid and Abigail, and meet fellow students.

To contact the International Coordinators, feel free to email them at hillinternationalrep@gmail.com