• Full Council

Our Family

The Hill Business Students’ Society (BSS) represents the students of the Paul J. Hill School of Business at the University of Regina. Our BSS Executive and Council of over forty student volunteers organize and facilitate value-adding events and activities for over 1600 students. We believe in practising ethical business values while being leaders and role models in our faculty and community. We provide opportunities for students to practice their networking skills, interact with business community members and teach students to find a balance between work and play in their everyday lives.

Executive Team


Owen Kot

VP Finance

Mackenzie Dangstorp

VP Marketing

Kyle Hodge

VP Student Affairs

Amy Pilon

VP Social

Megan Shoemaker

VP Academic

Taylor Istace

VP Corporate Relations

Jon Stricker


Business Dinner
Angela Chernick
Calysta Springer

Hill Case Competition
Madena Abdu
Morgan Jeannot
Shalom Peluola
Cassidy Rath

Networking Event
Brittney Vervalcke
Ashton Magotiaux

Five Days for the Homeless
Aubrie Houk
Kelly Phiri
Caitlyn Bilan



Michael Mutschller
Michael Scraper

Welcome Week Team
Bob Millette
Eric Appelquist
Alexis McEwen
Jaden Fisher

Winter Gala
Belle Brown-McEwen
Riley Cockwill

Spring Gala
Aislinn Roske
Lora Fuessel

Student Affairs

Conference Coordinator
Cherrise Esplin

International Representatives
Austin Keen
Bailey Hammer

Academic Coordinators
Mackenzie Roach
Isaac Choboter

HR Coordinator
Andrew Tran

Mentorship Coordinator
Ryan Aird

Breakthrough Program Coordinator
Erin Herold

Student Life Coordinators
Katarina Kostiha
Kyle Elliot

Club Coordinator
Noor Jahan-Imran


Social Media Manager
Lane Bacon

Web Developer
Frank Nordstrom

Lounge Party Coordinator
Daniel Goldade

Ben Hamilton

Promotional Directors
Kyle Anderson
Andriy Tkach
Logan Gelowitz 

Sophie Engel

Corporate Relations

Director of Corporate Relations
Jacob Nelson
Rebecca Perigny
Spencer Bourassa
Riley Orchard


Finance Director
Cara Langman


Ami Caragata
Breanna Hostin
Kayden Agopsowicz
Jessica Goebel
Roz Fredrickson